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Calling DirectoryInfo.EnumerateFiles can throw an exception such as DirectoryNotFoundException. Can this only happen when I fetch the IEnumerable object, or also while iterating over the files (i.e. when foreach calls IEnumerator<FileInfo>.MoveNext)?

In other words, is the following code safe?

 IEnumerable<FileInfo> fileInfos;
     fileInfos = directoryInfo.EnumerateFiles();
 catch // snip
    // snip

 foreach (FileInfo fileInfo in fileInfos)
     // Do something

Or do I need to put the foreach part into a try block, too (which becomes quite nasty if I want to yield return something, which is not allowed in a try block)?

Assuming the enumerator does not throw an exception, what happens when the directory is being deleted while iterating over the files?

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Unfortunately, this API can throw an exception on both the EnumerateFiles / EnumerateDirectories call and the MoveNext call. In either case, once an exception has been thrown, you cannot continue using that enumerator.

It's not just DirectoryNotFoundException; it can also throw UnauthorizedAccessException, PathTooLongException and others.

This has been reported to Microsoft, but there's no news on a fix. In the meantime, there's an alternative API on CodePlex, or a different approach on StackOverflow.

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