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I have a class with a custom indexer like so

public string this[VehicleProperty property]
  // Code

How can I identify the custom indexer in the results of typeof(MyClass).GetProperties()?

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You can also look for index parameters, using the the PropertyInfo.GetIndexParameters method, if it returns more than 0 items, it's an indexed property:

foreach (PropertyInfo pi in typeof(MyClass).GetProperties())
    if (pi.GetIndexParameters().Length > 0)
       // Indexed property...
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+1 for beating me to it (I was still typing) – MaLio Aug 28 '09 at 16:18

Look for the DefaultMemberAttribute defined at type level.

(This used to be IndexerNameAttribute, but they seem to have dropped it)

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    static void Main(string[] args) {

        foreach (System.Reflection.PropertyInfo propertyInfo in typeof(System.Collections.ArrayList).GetProperties()) {

            System.Reflection.ParameterInfo[] parameterInfos = propertyInfo.GetIndexParameters();
            // then is indexer property
            if (parameterInfos.Length > 0) {

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