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Due to a defect in the MercurialEclipse plugin, I have lost the history of a moved file.

It's been while now, and I have switched to a newer version of MercurialEclipse which fixes this bug.

I would like to connect this file to its previous location/versions.

How can I achieve that ? Either in Eclipse or with command line ?

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Create clean "move changeset" in anonymous branch and graft it into needed location?

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I was not aware of Graft command. Thanks for the tip. –  Raphael Jolivet Dec 2 '12 at 22:03

If you just want to find out all the history of a specific files, both before/after rename/move/copy, a simple "hg log --follow filename" will do that.

luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg$ hg init test
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg$ cd test
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ echo a > a.txt
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg add a.txt
adding a.txt
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg ci -m a.txt
committed changeset 0:552282c32ac4
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg mv a.txt b.txt
moving a.txt to b.txt
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg ci -m "a.txt-->b.txt"
committed changeset 1:10dda3a3b48a
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg mv b.txt c.txt
moving b.txt to c.txt
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg ci -m "b.txt-->c.txt"
committed changeset 2:f79245e6c0fe
luke@luke-linux:~/work/hg/test$ hg log --follow c.txt
changeset:   2:f79245e6c0fe
tag:         tip
user:        Luke Luo <luke.jf.luo@gmail.com>
date:        Wed Nov 21 23:23:16 2012 +0800
files:       b.txt c.txt

changeset:   1:10dda3a3b48a
user:        Luke Luo <luke.jf.luo@gmail.com>
date:        Wed Nov 21 23:22:56 2012 +0800
files:       a.txt b.txt

changeset:   0:552282c32ac4
user:        Luke Luo <luke.jf.luo@gmail.com>
date:        Wed Nov 21 23:22:34 2012 +0800
files:       a.txt
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NO hg move in OP trouble happened –  Lazy Badger Nov 21 '12 at 16:02

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