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For the code below, in Oracle 10g, it says the node is empty, in 11g, it's not empty. There is a newline character between in side . If there is a space inside, the result is the same for both version. Once nothing inside, both two version will not have the output. Why does this happen ?

   v_doc                dbms_xmldom.DOMDocument;
   v_elem               dbms_xmldom.DOMElement;
   v_nelem              dbms_xmldom.DOMNode;    
   -- create the DOMDocument
   v_doc := dbms_xmldom.newDOMDocument(xmlType('<XMLDATA>
   v_nelem := DBMS_XMLDOM.MAKENODE(v_doc);
   IF NOT(dbms_xmldom.ISNULL(v_nelem)) THEN      
      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('The node is not empty');
   END IF; 
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