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I have found that I can change series with setData, and I know I can modify Max values with .setExtremes , but I cannot figure out how to set the tooltip formatter from the chart object. How do I update that field ? If i have a chart object , how do I update its tooltip formatter property ? and How about the plotOptions tooltip formatter?

What I have tried :

chart1.tooltip.formatter = function() {return '' +'example: '+ this.y      +'example';};

But nothing changed in my tooltips when i added that after the chart definition (for testing). Also, I noted that this

console.log (chart1.tooltip.formatter);

returns undefined, but I don't know why.

Fiddle so you can try it out. Thanks in advance.

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You can use chart.tooltip.options.formatter instead, like

chart.tooltip.options.formatter = function() {
    var xyArr=[];
        xyArr.push('Serie: ' + + ', ' +'X: ' + this.x + ', Y: ' +this.y);
    return xyArr.join('<br/>');

Changing tooltip formatter dynamically | Highchart & Highstock @ jsFiddle

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