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I have jsp depending on some condition I am doing forward to another page.

I have /myjsp/first.jsp which has code as,

if(some condtion){
    <jsp:include page='header.jsp' />

In this code if flow comes to else condition control is going to another.jsp.

But also it is displaying below div tag from /myjsp/first.jsp.

I want to keep control on another.jsp once it goes there and it should not show anything from current page ie div tag from /myjsp/first.jsp

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Put the div inside the if.

Or even better, don't use scriptlets, and don't forward from a JSP. JSPs should be used as view components, and generate markup only. Workflow should be done from inside a servlet or action of your preferred MVC framework.

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<jsp:forward page="pageName.jsp"></jsp:forward>

instead of application.getRequestDispatcher("/myjsp/another.jsp").forward(request,response);



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I think it will solve your problem.

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No it won't. A forward and a redirect are two completely different things. – JB Nizet Nov 21 '12 at 23:05

I agree, you should not use 'forward' (or sendRedirect) in a jsp because with scriptlets there are HTML code in the response buffer, it's possible to fix (or hide) the issue by increasing the buffer size with <%@ page autoFlush="true" buffer="2000kb"%>; what I do is using JavaBeans instead.

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Welcome to StackOverFlow. You should learn how to write a good answer. And I wanna let you know that you are answering to a question which is asked 2 years ago. I suggest you to have a look at help center first. – afzalex Aug 28 '14 at 23:24

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