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When i am parsing a HTML file using jsoup, texts in multiple lines (with < br />) in the HTML file is presented as a single line without new lines(\n). How i can parse the multi line HTML document as multiline strings ??

I am using the method: Element.text()


HTML contains C code which is properly displayed in multiple lines in HtMl file, but when i am taking the text data, all the data are presented in a single line without new line charactors.

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Replace <br /> with something else and back, like this:

Document doc = Jsoup.connect("http://www.ejemplo.html").get(); //Here included the <br>'s
String temp = doc.html().replace("<br />", "$$$"); //$$$ instead <br>
doc = Jsoup.parse(temp); //Parse again

String text = doc.body().text().replace("$$$", "\n").toString()); //example
//I get back the new lines (\n)
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The text() method of Element (and TextNode) calls appendWhitespaceIfBr(...) which will replace every <br /> (or whitespace) with a blank. Unfortunately i see no mechanism for turning this off without working on the code.

But maybe you can try replacing all <br /> Tags with a new subclass of Node.

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Check out my answer for a similar question here:

Has an example of a static recursive method which will do what you ask.

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