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In our company, we just moved to git from svn, which makes our code reviews much simpler by mandating pull requests whenever we want to merge with master branch. To increase the effectiveness, we were wondering if its possible to view the code quality metrics and test coverage of the maven project(s) being changed in that pull request. Couldn't find anything easily on the internet.

We have a Jenkins based continuous build system integrated with sonar - which is good but since it only builds the master branch, the metrics are updated only after the pull request is completed. After the pull request is complete, asking the engineer to look at the code metrics and revisit the code to fix the issues seems like an avoidable step if we can somehow integrate the process with git pull requests.

Does anybody know of a solution.

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Maybe Travis CI can solve your problem –  Ferid Movsumov Dec 18 '12 at 13:58

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Consider using the Eclipse plugin for Sonar. It's designed to run the same analysis, but against code in the Eclipse workspace, which may or may not have been committed and merged.

Another alternative is to setup more than one instance of Sonar. Sonar (using the embedded database) is pretty lightweight and easy to setup. Only the stats from the master repository needs a Sonar instance with a more persistent data store like MySQL.

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