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I am using App Engine Python and Datastore will not sort Turkish characters properly. I cannot find a solution. Here is my problem:

yazarlar = Yazarlar.all().order('isim')

Well, this returns the field beginning with letter "ş" (a Turkish letter) at the end of the results. It should come right after S letter but it goes after Z, which is frustrating !

I could not find a proper solution on the internet so I'm desperately hoping that somebody around here might come up with one.

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I had the same problem a year ago. You need a unicode collation, where the sorting is based on the locale. I do not know, if there is a Python solution yet. –  voscausa Nov 20 '12 at 20:49

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In the absence of configurable collation, if you know the characters you want to deal with then having a second property on your model, 'isim_sortable', that replaces the extra characters with their ascii equivalent (ş -> 'sz' for example) should work.

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You're right, Greg. I've already figured out that solution on my own. But thanks, anyway. –  Ahmet Özışık Nov 22 '12 at 10:43

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