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How can I draw i.e. x = 5 line in plot at Matlab?

I plot like that:

x = (-10:.1:10); 
f= 10;
plot(x, f, 'r');

of course it doesn't work. For every variable of x, y is equal to 0 except for x=10. When x = 10 y equals to everything. How to plot this?

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Note that in your example f = 10 won't work, because f and x must have the same dimensions. You should rather use f = 10 * ones(size(x)) instead. – Eitan T Nov 20 '12 at 19:19
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In MATLAB, plot(X, Y) simply draws points on the graph (and connects them with lines). Note that in this form of syntax, X and Y must have the same dimensions. Therefore, to plot the line x = 5 create a vector of your desired y-coordinates, and then create matching x-coordinates, which are all equal to 5:

Y = -10:0.1:10;
X = 5 * ones(size(Y));
plot(X, Y);
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A useful function from the FileExchange in hline and vline.

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You could also achieve this by plotting only 2 points:

f = 5;    
plot([-10 10] , [1 1]*f);
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I think using line is more straightforward here than plot.

    x = [-10, 10]; 
    f = ones(size(x));
    f = 5 .* f;
    line(x, f);
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