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I want to be able to redirect my user on logout of my website back to the homepage/login, this would be easy to do if I just redirected to the website itself, IE http://www.example.com/ however, how could I determine the root folder path for my site when it's on localhost?

for example, some of my websites are in: localhost/folder1/websiteBackup/ and some are in: localhost/

what would the best way to combine it so one line of code will work for both the localhost and the domain name?

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Use a relative path instead of an absolute one. For example, instead of


you might write


If the script is shared and you don't know where it's going to be relative to the page, consider developing on separate <VirtualHost>s so that your environments match.

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this is what works for me..try your luck

  url:'<%=VirtualPathUtility.ToAbsolute("~/Include/ctnrls/Data.aspx") %>',

but I am mapping my virtual path in IIS

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document.location = 
    document.location.href.indexOf('localhost') >=0 ?
    document.location.href.split('localhost')[1] + 'index.htm' : 
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I would suggest use some server side session variables (PHP/ASP) and assign root path to them. then you can use them any time you want.

session("rootPath") = "/RootFolder/your-filename" (for ASP/VBScript)

Later use them in you JS code to redirect.

var path = '<%= session("rootPath")%> (JS code)';

Check similar question I asked in here for more info on Relative path, Relative Root path and Absolute root path.

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