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I have a table (my_table2) in postgresql which contains a column with array type. I want values of column val1 of my_table1 to be first elements of my array (array_col) and val2 to be second elements of array_col. I came up with this query:

update my_table2
set array_col=array[
    select val1 from my_table1)
    , (select val2 from my_table1)

but I got an error when I run it:
ERROR: more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression Is there a method to do it?

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Your subqueries, select val1 from my_table1 or select val2 from my_table1, are returning more than one row. If you're going to specific a subquery for each element, then it can only return one element.

Depending on what you might be looking at something more like :

Concat the two together?

update my_table2 set array_col=array(select val1 from my_table1)||array(select val2 from my_table1)

Just get one from each?

update my_table2 set array_col=array[(select val1 from my_table1 limit 1),(select val2 from my_table1 limit 1)]

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