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I read here that the window object can be used to dynamically make a property name within an object. What is the way this is done

I have a function like

function storeValues(){

    var info = {};
    $('.class1').each(function(index1, value1){
        $('.class2', $(this)).each(function(index2, value2){

            //so here I'd like to add a string to the property name
            //like 'param-' and 'detail-' so I could end up with a 
            //structure like 
            info.'param_'index1.'detail_'index2 = $(this).find('.desired_input').val();


Is this possible. Or is there a smarter way of doing it?

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At least this is a wrong way. Try info['param_'+index1]['detail_'+index2] –  devnull69 Nov 20 '12 at 20:53

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That has nothing to do with the window, the [] notation for accessing dynamic object property names is an aspect of the JavaScript language.

info['param_' + index1]['detail_' + index2] = $(this).find('.desired_input').val();

Of course, if info['param_' + index1] does not exist yet, you will have to create it as an empty object before setting its properties.

info['param_' + index1] = info['param_' + index1] || {};
info['param_' + index1]['detail_' + index2] = $(this).find('.desired_input').val();
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works excellently. Thank you. –  thomas Nov 20 '12 at 21:05

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