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I recently found a weird error in my application, its thrown by ebay but I can't find the error on the ebay dev site or anything about it.

The error: Authentication failed : com.ebey.integ.application.ApplicationDoImpl incompatible with com.ebay.integ.beeventtableconfig;BeEventTableConfig

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Well, you're limited to the causes that fail an authentication, and nothing that occurs after that. I find that "com.ebey..." at the beginning suspicious, because I don't know why it would be spelled that way...

Just for the hell of it, I went to www.ebey.com and it's a registered domain but it blatantly says "This Domain is Not in Use".

I would think this is simply, so I just advise you to recheck your authentication process code...and maybe post it? But I'm pretty sure that's the answer you're looking for (at least with the extent of that question).

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