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Since I have began using WebMatrix, I have developed many of my organization's web-interface, intranet sites. I am now up to four, almost five sites running all at once for users to connect to, and I am afraid that opening up that many instances of the entire WebMatrix app may result in a waste of the server's resources.

I have been scouring the Internet for a reference to how to run multiple sites with WebMatrix. I haven't exactly come up empty handed, however, I haven't found a solution I like either (even though sources suggest this is entirely possible).

Even though I do know how to run multiple sites at once with WebMatrix (simply open up another instance of WebMatrix) my first question is: Isn't this more resource intensive (for the server using iis-express) then it needs to be? Is it beneficial to turn these sites on via command line over simply opening up several instances of WebMatrix?

Last Question: I found this article here...:


...where Mike Brind suggests that this can be done by using command-line to browse to the correct iis-express directory (for me: C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express) and using the command:

iisexpress /site:EmptySite1

Where EmptySite1 is the name of the site desired to be ran.

I get this error when trying this:

Command Line switches must be preceded by a '-' or '/'...

Any clue how I can run multiple sites at once from command-line, or if I even need to? (Sorry I am in no way a command line guru, as I'm sure you can, by now, tell) I am running Windows Server 2008 R2, if that matters.

Thanks for any help!

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Since you are running full blown Windows Server 2008, install regular IIS. It can run multiple websites all at once without having any special command lines. Since it runs as a service, IIS will automatically restart if and when the server is rebooted. The downside is that IIS is a bit more complicated to configure than IIS express.

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And... Therein lies the problem. I think it would be easier to simply create a batch file and run it as a part of the server's startup. – VoidKing Nov 21 '12 at 19:06
I can tell you what I did. I asked for a consultant's help to get it deployed from IIS express to IIS. He was knowledgeable about IIS. He and I spent about a total of 2 hours on it. At the end, he said I owed him nothing since it was a learning exercise for him since he did not know WebMatrix. The hardest issue was that about half a dozen files needed to be added to the BIN folder to support webMatrix. – Knox Nov 22 '12 at 11:46

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