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Say, I have the following query: 'document spreadsheet app*'. I want to construct the query dictionary which is equivalent to this type of query '_search?q=_all:document+spreadsheet+app*'. Say, query_words_list = ['document', 'spreadsheet', 'app']. I tried this:

  'query': {
     'terms': {
        '_all': query_words_list[:-1] + [query_words_list[-1] + '*'],

However, if you compare results of two queries, they are not equivalent. Any hints what query dictionary equivalent to '_search?q=_all:document+spreadsheet+app*' can look like? Thanks in advance!

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The q parameter is equivalent to Query String Query.

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Thanks! I actually ended up constructing the bool query with several term queries (where the last term is a wildcard) in the should clauses. –  Arman Nov 21 '12 at 2:53
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