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so for a project in school I am trying to simulate where students live in our town since official data is not available obviously due to privacy concerns. I started looking for a generator that works by zip code, radius or county but I haven't been able to find any (commercially or free) I would love it to be free, but I might be able to secure some funding for a license. If I find random generators, they cannot be limited to a ZIP code or city to produce real addresses randomly.

A good idea I found was here:

Based on that I would pick the city center's long\lat coordinates, find out the outskirts coordinates to create a plane, then randomly generate long\lat coordinates within the plane, feed them back in to have Google approximate the addresses for it. One concern that was raised (and I try to avoid) is that Google doesn't use verified addresses, rather approximations.

Does anyone have a hint where to find such a generator or a sleeker way to use GMaps?

Thanks a million!


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