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I'm using Ant and mxmlc to compile ActionScript classes and MXML into swfs, while maintaining the default organization of a Flex Builder (Flash Builder) project. Many of my ActionScript classes are in project subdirectories, so my project is organized like the following:




This directory structure maintains the default directory structure of a Flash Builder project so I can perform push-button builds from the Flash Builder IDE. I've added the Ant build xml's to this project so I can also build from the command line. I'm trying to create portable ant build scripts that require the least changes to reuse in other projects. I have everything like I want except for deriving relative paths.

The build-imports.xml file at the root of the project contains the following:

<project name="project.root.imports">
    <dirname property="project.root.dir" file="${ant.file.project.root.imports}"/>

While the sub project folders contain build-imports.xml with the following:

<project name="">
    <import file="../build-imports.xml" />

Notice that sub project build-imports.xml walks up the directory hiearchy till it gets to the root build-imports.xml, and there I set the project.root.dir.

I can then use the ${project.root.dir}/bin-debug to specify where to place my binaries. The only problem I have, is I do not know how to create the same directory structure as what lies under my src folder. I need to be able to derive a relative path or perform some string manipulation to create new directorys.

Considering the above information, how do I take a known path like:
and derive a directory path like:

I've found some information about the Ant-contribu propertyregex task, which would allow some string manipulation, but I'm hoping there is an Ant guru out there that can point to a simple solution. I believe it's highly likely as an Ant novice, I'm simply overlooking the obvious.

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My build files have evolved a bit since I posted, but I've resolved the problem. I believe the following would work correctly in the basic setup previously described:

Add this to the default target in the sub project's build.xml

<path id="build.path">
   <pathelement location="." />
<pathconvert property="build.dir" refid="build.path">
    <map from="${project.root.dir}" to="${project.root.dir}/bin-debug"/>
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Note that you do not need to define path object first. It would also work to include &lt;path location="."/> as a child to pathconvert instead of refid attribute. – Konstantin Komissarchik Jan 18 '11 at 23:17
I dont know what is wrong but above mention piece is not working as per aspectation in linux . In my case it works for windows. Can anyone answer on same ? – Hemang Rami Apr 29 '14 at 6:12

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