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I have searched in stackoverflow for how to specifiy a custom deleter for shared_ptr, and these are what I found:

boost::shared_ptr<T> ptr( new T, std::mem_fun_ref(&T::deleteMe) );
boost::shared_ptr<S> ptr( new S, std::ptr_fun(lib_freeXYZ) );

I have a class ISprite, which is abstract class with a pure virtual function destroy(), this class can create instance using libInterface->createSprite(a.bmp), now I use ISprite as a member variable in another class, would like to use shared_ptr to wrap it, but ISprite instance can't be deleted, if I have a ISprite *a, and try delete a in another class's destrcutor, system would crash, but it can use a->destroy() to release the memory, so if I want to use shared_ptr to wrap the member variable ISprite, I need to specify my own deleter for it. and below is what I do:

boost::shared_ptr<ISprite> ptr(system- 

but the compile keep telling me ...boost\smart_ptr\detail\shared_count.hpp(132) :

error C2664: 'void std::mem_fun_ref_t<_Result,_Ty>::operator ()(_Ty &) const' :         
cannot convert parameter 1 from 'ISprite *' to 'ISprite &'

I have no idea what is wrong there, anyone could help? thanks a million!

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mem_fun_ref expects a T &. Use mem_fun instead; it expects a T *.

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!!! , it works ,I would try to see all application work or not! –  Pengzhi Zhou Nov 20 '12 at 22:02
and one more question, my ISprite variable is a member variable in another class, so I need to initilize it in the constructor, then how can I initilize it? clearly I can't use "ptr(system- >createSprite("a.bmp"),std::mem_fun(&ISprite::destroy));" –  Pengzhi Zhou Nov 20 '12 at 22:05

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