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Is there any way to do a search for all records that do NOT match using PrincipalSearcher. Using DirectorySearcher you can apply a filter like (!sn="\*Jay\*"). In other words, all records where the surname does NOT contain the sequence "Jay" anywhere in it. I was wondering if there was anyway to do this with the UserPrincipal parameters.

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Unfortunately this is not an option. I've spent considerable time trying to find a way to easily/efficiently do more advanced searches. The closest you can get to an advanced search is with some of the date options, but nothing for text searching.

What I've ended up doing is running a DirectorySearcher separately using an LDAP query. The only attribute I return from the search (to minimize the result set size and improve speed) is the DN and object type (if the object type is not already filtered on). I then create a new Principal object of the appropriate type using the DN and add it to a collection.

The whole AccountManagement library was designed with a remarkably small set of tasks in mind (apparently), and is very hard to extend. I've pretty much dropped back to using DirectoryServices for most tasks as it is the real library that should be used.

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