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I have a video (MP4) I load using Flash (AS3). I load the video locally using NetStream object, and when I sample the pixels - they are a bit 'off'.

To test this - I prepared a video with 100 frames of only red pixels (all the pixels are 0xFF0000).

When I load this video using flash's NetStream class, and then use 'getPixel' to test the pixel color of a frame shown, I get that the pixel color is:

  • R = 255
  • G = 12
  • B = 0


Why is the 'green' value not 0 ??

Also, when I load a video that contains only green frames, the value of the pixel after Flash loaded it is :

  • R = 0
  • G = 232
  • B = 0


Only the blue video frame are correct (0,0,255).

Why is this ? can it be that flash is decoded the video and performing some processing on it that changes the colors ?

I need the colors to be exact, because I sample different pixels to detect stuff, and I need the colors to be shown exactly like they really are in the video !


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Are you the same person here? I would second the answer provided by bwhiting:

This will be the encoding process not the readback in flash. I have done many tests with this and the best solution (if you are embedding data in video pixels, is to use thresholds.. as they values should not be radically out but only marginally.. but again this will change based on how compressed the clip is - more compression = less accurate colour info)

It has to relate to a loss while you encoded the red or green video.

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but how come when I open the video using Media Player - and grab the image - the values are correct ? If I open it with VLC - the values are incorrect. It is almost as if - each decoder decides to decode the values differently (and Flash along with them) – John Miner Nov 21 '12 at 22:56

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