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I'm using the Firefox Add-On SDK to port a Chrome extension to Firefox. In Chrome, it's trivial to load third-party libraries like Underscore or Backbone. In my particular case, I'm using jQuery, Underscore and Backbone to define models that communicate with cross-domain REST APIs.

It's unclear to me how you might do something similar in Firefox. From what I can see main.js corresponds directly to Chrome's background pages, but it doesn't appear there's a way to load js files.

Am I missing something?

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Add-on SDK supports CommonJS modules sysem, same modules that are also used by nodejs

Underscore has a support for commonjs module format & there for can be loaded easily

All you need is drop underscore in next to main.js and loaded it as follows:

var _ = require("./underscore")

I do believe backbone can also be loaded in a similar way as people have being using it on nodejs.

It's won't work for the jQuery though, that's because context where add-on SDK modules run is different from typical web page context with DOM, which is what jQuery is designed to work with.

Now if you want to do cross domain requests there SDK comes with a module to do that: There is also another low level XHR module, that you could use instead:

So if you just want to write models and talk to REST API it should be pretty trivial, I'm not sure what's the role of jQuery in your use case. It implies DOM and UI you want to display. If so there is several modules in SDK that would let you add custom UI for the firefox and you can probably find useful tutorial on that subject:

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Awesome, this feels like the right way to go. I'll try it out and report back. – balanceiskey Nov 21 '12 at 14:58
This is working pretty great so far! I've got Backbone and Underscore loaded and I'm going to rework any dependencies on $.ajax to use the request module. Thanks! – balanceiskey Nov 21 '12 at 17:14
At the behest of @blumua (, I wanted to share a few more details regarding how this works now. For my own purposes I needed a way for Backbone Models and Collections to perform fetches, but the only way to accomplish this in Firefox without jQuery is to abstract jQuery's AJAX functionality so that it can be used with Firefox's Request module. You can see an example of what that code looks like here: – balanceiskey Jan 30 '13 at 2:58

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