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I'm having a logfile like this:

1352711989.822313 SENDING
  SR packet
    SSRC                  3760482201
    NTP timestamp: 1352711989.822293
    RTP timestamp:          30163617
    Packets sent:                 17
    Octets sent:                  85
    RR block 1
      SSRC                2520738017
      Fraction lost:               0
      Packets lost:                0
      Ext. high. seq. nr:      64175
      Jitter:                   2947
      LSR:                1035041236
      DLSR:                   284839
    RR block 2
      SSRC                2158728709
      Fraction lost:              14
      Packets lost:               43
      Ext. high. seq. nr:      54178
      Jitter:                    394
      LSR:                1035176766
      DLSR:                   149303
    RR block 3
      SSRC                 100700967
      Fraction lost:              36
      Packets lost:              120
      Ext. high. seq. nr:      45647
      Jitter:                   2365
      LSR:                1035002733
      DLSR:                   323342
  SDES Chunk:
    SSRC:                 3760482201

And I would like to parse every block into an object, So I made some classes in java. Now is there a way to smoothly go through this text and put everyting in the right var and do that for the whole text file?

So at the end I have a list with objects that contains there information.

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Can you provide an example object created from this data? – alex Nov 20 '12 at 23:07
You can iterate over each line of the file with a BufferedReader. For each line you need to check if it begins with a certain phrase, then make decisions accordingly. This is the straightforward approach. – jahroy Nov 20 '12 at 23:11
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Since it looks like everything here is name value pairs the easiest thing to do would be to iterate over the lines of the file and add each line to a map. If the name blocks are important (ex. RR block 2) you can create a list that you add the current name piece to when you don't have a value, then pop it off once you get to the next piece with the same indentation.

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