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I'm trying to test out Nutch 2.1 on a single Windows machine. The following command dies:

nutch crawl seeds -dir crawl -solr http://somehost:8983/solr -depth 2 -topN 2

...with a traceback of several exceptions:

  • Connection refused
  • GoraException
  • SQLTransientConnectionException
  • org.hsqldb.HsqlException

This is the same problem as this post: connection refused error when running Nutch 2

It looks like Nutch 2 wants some kind of database already installed, but there's no mention of that in the (sparse) documentation that I can see.

The production environment will eventually be a linux/Hadoop cluster, but for the moment I'm just trying to get a simple local system to work out of the box.

So what options are there for a simple Nutch database? How do you tell Nutch and Gora about the database? HBase might be a good answer as soon as we have our Hadoop cluster up and running. However; in the meantime is there a simple, even slow, database that will work for initial exploration on a single system?

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I've tried with MYSQL and HBASE.

For MYSQL, this link helps iron out most of the quirks:

For HBASE, versions above 0.90.x cause problems (Invalid Host Value pair). I've been able to get it working with 0.90.5

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The database connection info for Nutch 2.1 is specified in the conf/ file (should have seen that)

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