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I have a simulation function that is very applicable to parallel processing. I have managed to make it run multicore (up to 32 cores on EC2 cc2.8xlarge).

Now i am wondering if I can also use Redis to make it run in multiple instances multiple cores in parallel.

The core of my simulation function is essentially

simresults<-foreach (i=1:nrow(input.data), .combine=c) %dopar% {
    simulation function (input.data$1[i],input.data$2[i],input.data$3[i])

simresults is then a vector of the results i gather. The simulation runs a couple of 10^7 times.

Is this possible with doRedis or any other tool (segue?)

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Yes it is and there are several examples floating around -- see for example the rredis Manual vignette of the rredis package.

There are of course other options besides redis and multicore.

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