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I just started to use WCF Rest project template to design a REST service, for example Collection REST WCF Collection service.

One thing I noticed that the Service.basic.svc.cs file is no longer under the Service.svc as its partial or dependent class file. I tried to find the definitions for CollectionServiceBase and ICollectionService in Service.svc.cs:

public class Service : 
      CollectionServiceBase<SampleClass>, ICollectionService<SampleClass>

those two classes are actually in my %temp% folder as readonly files. It looks like that they are not for editing. How can I make changes of their attributes such as UriTemplate strings? Not sure if I can bring those files back to the project so that I have control of those files (change definitions or remove some interfaces)? I think there may be reason to this change (compare to the example in some of video shows by endpoint.tv Screencasts).

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OK. Finally I got an answer at ASP.Net forum, WCF REST Startkit discussion group saying that the codes in Service.basic.svc.cs are moved to Microsoft.ServiceModel.Web.dll. This makes it hard to customize some class attributes to customize template url or xml node names. I was suggested to get the source codes to make changes if I need, but I don't think it is good idea.

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