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Note: my code examples are verbatim except that the host names have been changed to protect the innocent :-)

I want to filter my HTML, so in my index.HTML file I redirect to a PERL program:

<HTML><head><META http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=http://host.name/cgi-bin/main.page.pl"></head>

The output of the main.page.pl is the HTML for my main page. It looks like:

Content-type: text/HTML

value="Hello World"/>
Check for completion of the prepare files step on each host (ETL1-6).
Please enter your name: <input
type="text" name="full_name" size="20"/><br/>
value="submit form"/>
<td><A HREF="http://host.name/poetry/wholou.HTML">Who is this guy?</A><br>
<A HREF="misc.HTML"><br>Click for Misc stuff</A>
<a href="hello.world.pl"><br>Click for hello world stuff</a>
<a href="../code/cgi-bin/hello.world.pl"><br>Click for hello world stuff in code dir</a>
<a href="cgi-bin/env.pl"><br>Click to see the Perl environment</a>

The "hello world" and "submit form" buttons work correctly, but the hrefs are not click-able. In the case of the "Click for hello world stuff" href, it's pointing to the same exact place as the "hello world" button (hello.world.pl)! If I put the same HTML in the index.HTML file, it works properly. So, I presume that the issue has to do with the fact that my "home" directory, for this page, has become the cgi-bin directory. Perhaps if there is a way to "set" my home directory back to the HTML directory, it would work properly. Does anyone know how to do this, or have any other suggestions?

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