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Possible Duplicate:
Using mappings in CherryPy

How would I map a url regEx such as /data/[A-Z].txt to a resource in cherrypy? Is there an simple example somewhere? I don't get the docs here.


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you need to use RoutesDispatcher

class City:

    def __init__(self, name):
        self.name = name
        self.population = 10000

    def index(self, **kwargs):
        return "Welcome to %s, pop. %s" % (self.name, self.population)

    def update(self, **kwargs):
        self.population = kwargs['pop']
        return "OK"

d = cherrypy._cprequest.RoutesDispatcher()
d.connect(name='hounslow', route='hounslow', controller=City('Hounslow'))
d.connect(name='surbiton', route='surbiton', controller=City('Surbiton'),
          action='index', conditions=dict(method=['GET']))
d.mapper.connect('surbiton', controller='surbiton',
                 action='update', conditions=dict(method=['POST']))

conf = {'/': {'request.dispatch': d}}
cherrypy.tree.mount(root=None, config=conf)
cherrypy.config.update({'environment': 'test_suite'})

You could read the Routes project's documentation.

for more info see here

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