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I'm looking to get the average pay that corresponds to a bin frequency count of pay variance from a target. I've used frequency formulas to get the distribution, but I cannot get the average values that go into the bins. How can I do this? Pref formula, VBA acceptable though. Some of my formulas appear to be correctly getting what I want, but this is very manual and seems to contain errors (see the -100% bin with 5 freq count and an error for avg pay). **Note that the second SUMIFS used for the average is counting a column of 1s used in other calcs, so it's similar to a COUNTIF.

        % Variance to Target    
   Freq   Avg Pay   Bins
    0     #DIV/0!   -150%
    0     #DIV/0!   -140%
    0     #DIV/0!   -130%
    0     #DIV/0!   -120%
    1     3.0375    -110%
    5     #DIV/0!   -100%
    4     17.85     -90%
    0     #DIV/0!   -80%
    3     200.2875  -70%
    11    1761.68   -60%

I'm using the following to try and calculate the average pay.


What I really want is a more automatic/dynamic formula than manually inputting each range for the test - a cell reference in the double quotes will just insert text as opposed to my bin values. e.g. SUMIFS(Model!DQ:DQ,Model!DI:DI,"EH2064").

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You should temporarily add two additional cols, one for each SUMIFS of your avg formula - that way you easily see what you are using. Also, it would help, if you could be more specific about what your main question is here - how to get those SUMIFS right? –  Jook Nov 21 '12 at 8:59
Thanks, I'd been going through the formulas via the Evaluate Formula tool, but still a good idea to split them out. editing main post for clarity. –  Volvox Nov 21 '12 at 15:21
Can you show some sample data and the result you want from it? –  Dick Kusleika Nov 21 '12 at 21:00

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