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I need to create a super class and subclass and then use the area and perimeter from the super class in the sub class, but I can't figure out how to. I am very new to java and programming, so I apologize for probably looking like an idiot.

From my super class:

public double getArea() {
    return width * height;

public double getPerimeter(){
    return 2 * (width + height);

From my sub class(equation my professor gave us to use):

public double getArea(){
    return 2 * super.area() + length * super.perimeter();

I am getting the following error:

Rectangle1.java:82: error: cannot find symbol
    return super.area() + length * super.perimeter();
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Everyone who is a Java freak right now, was a beginner like you, all okay, your question is okay and a good one too. –  zeyorama Nov 21 '12 at 0:37

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your super class doesn't seem to have area() and perimeter() method.

    return 2 * super.area() + length * super.perimeter();

should be

    return 2 * super.getArea() + length * super.getPerimeter();

Read about How Super works in java

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return 2 * super.getArea() + length * super.getPerimeter();
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