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Following Ryan Bates' screencast on Bourbon, I have my application.css.scss file as such:

@import "bourbon";
@import "main";
@import "events";

In my main.css.scss stylesheet everything works and I can use the @include transition() mixin perfectly, but when I try to use @include font-face, I get an Undefined mixin 'font-face'. error in my Rails app.

The exact line of code is

@include font-face(HN, '/helveticaneue', normal, $asset-pipeline: true);

I've tried without the normal and just 'helveticaneue' (no slash). The file exists and isn't corrupt because using CSS @font-face works.

As per this Bourbon issue I have

gem 'bourbon', :git => 'git://', :ref => 'f93cf9e'

in my Gemfile.

Why isn't Bourbon picking up the mixin?

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I've fixed the problem for me. If you include bourbon, all css files must be .scss oder .sass files or you will geht this unrelated error. If you have some css files, which are not scss or sass, you have to rename them in scss (or sass).

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