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I am trying to wrap my head around some concepts and trying to extend the help desk exercise in the process. What I am trying to accomplish is the following:

Within the site, create a "re-usable" page and create multiple links in the navigation like:

This Page, contains an HTML Service which reads the query string parameters and proceeds to query a spreadsheet for all tickets with the specified status and that are assigned to the current user, then displays them in a table format.

Then on the table, on each line, there will be a button that says "add solution or comment", this will open a UI service that allows the user to enter some text and change status if necessary.

So my questions are: Does this sound feasible? Can I call a UI service from an HTML template service? Can the HTML Service read the query string parameters? Any examples of this?

Thanks for your feedback.

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You can not mix UI service with HTML service. Once you're using one you have to stick with it.

But what you described can be easily done using either one. i.e. showing a table with some info and a button per row, that will show a textbox. So, yes, this is perfectly feasible.

Reading the url parameters can be easily done on "server-side", that is, it's independent if you're using Html or Ui Services.

Example of reading parameters? Here it is:

function doGet(e) {
  var status = e.parameter.status;
  if( status == 'new' ) {
    //do your thing

  } else if( status == 'open' ) {
    //just examples

  } else
    ;//bad status

  return appOrHtml;
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