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I have a project that reads: "There will be no conditional statements (if, switch, or,…)." I'm not sure if this includes for and while loops, since both technically run on conditions. Could I get away with saying that they're "conditional loops" instead?

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Depends entirely on the stipulations of your project. You can call them whatever you want; check with whomever is in charge to make sure they'll agree with your definitions. –  Jonathan Newmuis Nov 21 '12 at 1:37

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It would probably be acceptable to use loops (for, while,...), but you would need to check with the project author. I tend to treat loops and conditional statements separately, as they usually have different purposes...

  • Conditional statements like if and switch will make a choice out of a list of options. They only run once.
  • Loops like for and while are typically designed to run a piece of code multiple times.

Of course this is only a generalisation, and everyone probably has a different opinion, but I certainly treat them differently because they have different primary purposes.

For extra credit, Wikipedia seems to agree. The If Statement is a conditional operator, and the For Loop is an iteration statement.

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However, if the goal of the project is to avoid using conditions whatsoever, you can just replace if (...) { foo() } with, e.g. while (...) { foo(); break; }. For a school assignment (which I assume this is, since the real world rarely makes random stipulations like this), definitely check with the professor first. –  Jonathan Newmuis Nov 21 '12 at 1:53
Exactly, you can easily use loops to simulate conditional statements, but you typically wouldn't do this unless you were trying to work around a specific requirement. Thus I agree, check with the project author first! –  WATTO Studios Nov 21 '12 at 1:55

for and while loops use (terminating) conditions, not conditional statements, so on that basis loops are OK.

Apart from loops, another option would be the ternary operator ? - it's not a statement, it's an operator, and you may be able to code some conditional flow using these, ie this code:

int x;
if (<some condition>)
    x = 1;
    x = 2;

may be coded using the ternary operator as:

int x = <some condition> ? 1 : 2;
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