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I am trying to update a tabel where the value of field is equal the result of select statement. I have a table like this:

Type     Total#
A           4
B           8
C           1

I want to update the above table based the result of a select statement. Here is my code:

update MainTable
  set [Total#] = 
  (SELECT count(distinct r.[ID])as Type
  FROM dbo.TableA r left join
  dbo.TableB a
  on r.Post_ID = a.Post_ID
  where a.Status is null)

if i run the code as is, it is going to update all rows but i only want to update where Type from select statement is equal the Type from my MainTable. thanks

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what are the table structures for tableA and tableB? –  John Woo Nov 21 '12 at 2:02
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Give this a try,

SET     x.[Total#] = y.totalCount
FROM    MainTable x
        INNER JOIN
            SELECT  [Type], COUNT(DISTINCT r.[ID]) totalCount
            FROM    dbo.TableA r
                    LEFT JOIN dbo.TableB a
                        ON r.Post_ID = a.Post_ID
            WHERE   a.STATUS IS NULL
            GROUP BY    [Type]
        ) y ON x.[Type] = y.[Type]

PS: when asking question like this, please add the structure of the table. It helps a lot.

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Give an alias to your MainTable and you can use it in the subquery:

update MainTable mt
   set [Total#] = (SELECT count(distinct r.[ID]) as Type
                     FROM dbo.TableA r 
                          left join dbo.TableB a on r.Post_ID = a.Post_ID
                    where a.Status is null
                      and a.AType = mt.AType )
 where mt.AType = @Value
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thanks but i am getting this error: Must declare the scalar variable "@Value". –  moe Nov 21 '12 at 3:18
@moe The shown query is an example, if you don't need the where, remove it, or adjust the @value to a real value you want to filter with. –  jachguate Nov 21 '12 at 3:19
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