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Okay ive been experimenting with php and my sql for the last day or so.

But I have been trying to make a simple input form that a user will fill out on a webpage and then it flows into my (mysql) server so far I have it taking the FirstName LastName Gender and City But the next question is state and that propose a bit of a issue I have a drop down with all 50 states but I think my html is missing a factor at witch will allow my php script to grab it

Here is the code for my state drop down

State: <select>
<option value="Alabama">Alabama</option>
<option value="Alaska">Alaska</option>
<option value="Arizona">Arizona</option>
<option value="Arkansas">Arkansas</option>
<option value="California">California</option>
<option value="Colorado">Colorado</option>
<option value="Connecticut">Connecticut</option>
<option value="Delaware">Delaware</option>
<option value="Florida">Florida</option>
<option value="Georgia">Georgia</option>
<option value="Hawaii">Hawaii</option>
<option value="Idaho">Idaho</option>
<option value="Illinois">Illinois</option>
<option value="Indiana">Indiana</option>
<option value="Iowa">Iowa</option>
<option value="Kansas">Kansas</option>
<option value="Kentucky">Kentucky</option>
<option value="Louisiana">Louisiana</option>
<option value="Maine">Maine</option>
<option value="Maryland">Maryland</option>
<option value="Massachusetts">Massachusetts</option>
<option value="Michigan">Michigan</option>
<option value="Mississippi">Mississippi</option>
<option value="Missouri">Missouri</option>
<option value="Montana">Montana</option>
<option value="Nebraska">Nebraska</option>
<option value="Nevada">Nevada</option>
<option value="New Hampshire">New Hampshire</option>
<option value="New Jersey">New Jersey</option>
<option value="New Mexico">New Mexico</option>
<option value="New York">New York</option>
<option value="North Carolina">North Carolina</option>
<option value="North Dakota">North Dakota</option>
<option value="Ohio">Ohio</option>
<option value="Oklahoma">Oklahoma</option>
<option value="Oregon">Oregon</option>
<option value="Pennsylvania">Pennsylvania</option>
<option value="Rhode Island">Rhode Island</option>
<option value="South Carolina">South Carolina</option>
<option value="South Dakota">South Dakota</option>
<option value="Tennessee">Tennessee</option>
<option value="Texas">Texas</option>
<option value="Utah">Utah</option>
<option value="Vermont">Vermont</option>
<option value="Virginia">Virginia</option>
<option value="Washington">Washington</option>
<option value="West Virginia">West Virginia</option>
<option value="Wisconsin">Wisconsin</option>
<option value="Wyoming">Wyoming</option>

And here is how I have been optaining the other elements

$FirstName = $_POST['FirstName'];
$LastName = $_POST['LastName'];
$Gender = $_POST['Gender'];

$insert = 'INSERT into content(FirstName, LastName, Gender)     VALUES("'.$FirstName.'","'.$LastName.'", "'.$Gender.'")';

Not sure how to do this?

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Firstly, mysql_ functions are in a deprecation process right now, avoid from using them. Secondly, you are vulnerable to sql injection attack here. – Lior Nov 21 '12 at 2:09
I don't know how can you please explain? – bush man Nov 21 '12 at 2:11
read about or and use prepared statements. – Lior Nov 21 '12 at 2:15

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Give your select control a name:

<select name="State">

And from your php script grab it like:

$state = $_POST['State']
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First off your <select> needs a name attribute:

<select name="state">

Then you need to capture it in your php:

$state = $_POST['state'];

Then you need to add it to your sql statement

$insert = 'INSERT into content(FirstName, LastName, Gender, State)     VALUES("'.$FirstName.'","'.$LastName.'", "'.$Gender.'", "'.$state.'")';

This is assuming that you have a column in your content table called state and it resides directly after gender.

And as always don't use mysql_* functions. Use mysqli or PDO.

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Put a name attribute in the tag:

<select name="State"> ...

And yes, mysql_ functions are deprecated. Look for mysqli_ ... or better yet, consider using ORM's from mature frameworks.

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State: <select name="State">
<option value="Alabama">Alabama</option>
<option value="Alaska">Alaska</option>
<option value="Arizona">Arizona</option>
<option value="Arkansas">Arkansas</option>
<option value="California">California</option>
<option value="Colorado">Colorado</option>


$State = $_POST['State'];

use mysqli or PDO to connect to mysql, not use vulnerable code as above.

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im so confused everyone keeps saying vulnerable code but this is how every tutorial on youtube shows me to build this im so lost on how to protect this I have two days invested in this and now im worried. – bush man Nov 21 '12 at 2:41
@bushman Omg , you learn php on youtube ? try – zb' Nov 21 '12 at 3:01
Lol how is learning from youtube a downgrade it has to be one of the most active tutorial communities around – bush man Nov 21 '12 at 3:40
wow not very friendly makes me think twice about this community to just basically tell people that there methods are useless and shun them is extremely rude and not a way to help the community grow. I thought the point of this site was to help people. – bush man Nov 21 '12 at 4:57
@bushman yes and i helping you much more than you expecting. The point of this site is help, not be nice. Just think about this - you want learn or watch videos ? – zb' Nov 21 '12 at 5:19

Your states list box needs a name attribute

<select name="state" value="Alabama">Alabama</select>

then you may capture the value as this way:

$state= $_POST['state'];

Then add it in your SQL sentence.

That's it.

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You have to give the <select> tag an id or a name, Like so:

<select id="state" name="state">

Then, you obtain it in PHP like this:

$state= $_POST['state'];
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You need to give it a name attribute not ID so <select name="state"> – swiss196 Nov 21 '12 at 2:16
@swiss196 You are right, actually usually I add them both. – Lior Nov 21 '12 at 2:18
the id is used exclusively client side, where as he name is passed server-side. – Dagon Nov 21 '12 at 2:21

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