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I am facing a difficulty: I need to detect when the current location (lat/lon) of my unit is located on a particular route between two lat/lon points. I know how to determine the distance between two lat/lon points, but I don't know how to plot a route and loop over it.

For example, here is the default route between two locations.

Actual question: I need to plan a route, and then to loop over all lat/lon on that route within a 5 miles interval and get the lat/long for each point.

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Not sure what type of application you have for this, but Google Geocode does return a 'Thoroughfare' that will tell you a road, and a number if available.

I use it in the following way - but this is PHP. Javascript would be similar, though.

$geo = new GoogleGeocode($mapsApiKey);
$result = $geo->geocode( $location['latitude'].', '.$location['longitude']);
$result = $result['Placemarks'][0];

$add = isset($result['Thoroughfare']) ? " SOMEWHERE NEAR ".strtoupper(preg_replace('/^\\d+\\s+/is', '', $result['Thoroughfare'])) : '';
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Well, my current problem is to detect whenever the unit is located on the restricted route; and those routes could be 100 miles long and each route is specified using start lat/lon and end lat/lon. So I need somehow to get all points with 5miles interval between two main points. When I have those locations, I can take it from there- it is not hard to calculate actual distance using sinus/cosines formula; therefore I do not think that I would need to do any geocoding – Andrew Nov 21 '12 at 2:45

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