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I had already written an iOS app that uses OpenSSH, but this requires a device jailbreak and the install of OpenSSH in Cydia. For now, I am finding a way to get the OpenSSH source code to compile into my iOS app, and to distribute this App in Apple Enterprise Developer 'In House' way. If this works, no jailbreak would be required.

But I can not find any sample or source code which can be integrated into an XCode iOS device project. Any information is appreciated!

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Instead of OpenSSH, you could use libssh if you need a server, or libssh2 if a client is sufficient. For libssh2, x2on has already made the migration effort. You can get the repo here: https://github.com/x2on/libssh2-for-iOS.

If you intend to use libssh, beware that it's LGPL licensed, so it's not compatible with the AppStore (but should be compatible with in house distribution).

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Thanks for your reply. i had already know libssh, but i can not use lbissh to connect my server, which OpenSSH is work for it. so i think i should continue looking for the way that integrated OpenSSH. –  timiil Nov 22 '12 at 12:35

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