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I have an application written in Python and Gtk which contains a number of translation string inside, properly marked using _(). The repository of this application contains a set of .po files for different languages which are compiled and sorted out in a directory layout fine to be loaded by gettext when the setup.py of the application is run.

The current project looks currently like this:


gettext.install() is currently called several times, trying various "well-known places" (like /usr/share/locale, dirname(my-app.__file__ ) + "../mo", etc.) As I said before, the .mo files are not stored in the repository itself, but generated on the fly when setup.py is launched.

I would like to know what would be the "best way" to deal with those files. Specifically, I would like to find a way which:

  • allows the developers to use the translations without having to install the application somewhere (working straight into the repository);
  • allows people who wants to install it to have the translation files spread out at the right place;
  • allows packagers (for Linux distributions for example) to deal easily with those translation files.

My questions would then be:

  1. Where do I store my .mo files?
  2. How do I find where those files are (considering the points above)?
  3. How do I package those files (Python-wise speaking)?
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