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I was wondering if it is possible to see the command given to the compiler to build a project in Visual Studio 2012. How can I achieve that?

(I'm interesed in .Net C# projects)

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Go and change it to TOOLS -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run -> MSBuild project output verbosity -> Normal

Then you'll see what you want in the Output window.

Example output:

CoreCompile: 1> C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Csc.exe /noconfig /nowarn:1701,1702,2008 /nostdlib+ /errorreport:prompt /warn:4 /define:DEBUG;TRACE /errorendlocation ...

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I was looking for that option. –  Jeremy Thompson Nov 21 '12 at 5:07
That was exactly what I was looking for. Perfect! –  Daniel San Nov 21 '12 at 5:15
Glad it helped. I use it to troubleshoot build problems sometimes, very handy. –  Ray Cheng Nov 21 '12 at 5:16

Use Process Monitor to see the CSC.exe command used by Visual Studio.

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This tool is amazing but I can't find any trace of csc.exe when I build some project. The closest thing I see is MSBuild.exe (C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\MSBuild.exe /nologo /nodemode:1 /nr). Maybe csc.exe isn't used at all? –  Daniel San Nov 21 '12 at 4:41
Yeah it is amazing - its built by Mark Russinovich. Here is the trick. It captures HDD, Reg, Process info in REAL-TIME. So you need to start it and really quickly reproduce the problem/build and then quickly stop the trace. Because it logs so much info I usually export the results via csv into Excel and do the Auto Sort - to filter out non-Viusal Studio activity and then search for csc.exe –  Jeremy Thompson Nov 21 '12 at 4:47
Thanks for the brief tutorial. I figured out how to use it before writing my previous comment. I think that csc.exe isn't used by Visual Studio acording to Process Monitor. –  Daniel San Nov 21 '12 at 5:01
@DanielSan csc.exe is spawned by the MSBuild process, not directly by devenv.exe –  tbone Sep 13 '13 at 10:06
@JeremyThompson You should really look into the filtering function of procmon (ctrl+L). Setup filters for the processes and operations you care about, THEN start capturing data. –  tbone Sep 13 '13 at 10:07

I am not sure but are you looking for this command line building

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I want to know what is happening under the hood when I press "build" –  Daniel San Nov 21 '12 at 4:08

Go to the Output tab at : Menu -> Debug -> Windows -> Output

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I only see messages like:'ConsoleApplication8.vshost.exe' (Managed (v4.0.30319)): Loaded '....dll', Skipped loading symbols. Module is optimized and the debugger option 'Just My Code' is enabled. I want to know how the command given to the compiler to build the project. –  Daniel San Nov 21 '12 at 4:14

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