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I am applying criteria on a property of entity which is float and its not working .

         Criteria crit = session.createCriteria(MyClass.class);
         float a = (float)0.2;
         crit.add(Restictions.eq("mynumber", a));

where mynumber is my entity is

              @Column(name = "mynumber")
               private float  mynumber;

It always gives me empty result , whereas in my table there are rows with mynumber=0.2

If i put any other criteria on any other column it works , the problem is only with this float type.

any idea what could be the solution


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floating numbers follow IEEE Standard 754 representation and 0.2 may be stored as 0.19999967... This makes your comparison fail and hence no result.

To avoid the issue, use double or BigDecimal if possible.

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