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I have a table that has two columns, one of which will be NULL and one will not, what I would like to do is something like:

SELECT (column1 OR column2) AS value

But I need to retrieve the value that is not null. I feel like this is probably an easy question, but any help is appreciated.

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SELECT COALESCE(column1, column2) AS value


SELECT IFNULL(column1, column2) AS value


SELECT CASE WHEN column1 IS NOT NULL THEN column1 ELSE column2 END AS value


SELECT IF(column1 IS NOT NULL, column1, column2) AS value
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i seem to have alot to learn about sql, thanks. – foochow Nov 21 '12 at 4:10
@Foo_Chow: not only about sql, but about a particular mysql dialect. #2 and #4 are mysql-specific solutions. And #1 and #3 would work in most DBMS. – zerkms Nov 21 '12 at 4:10

In mysql, you can use the IFNULL function. In SQL Server, you can use ISNULL function.

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