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Greenplum says that it has parallel data loading. I have a doubt regarding how it works. Please do explain it to me. I understand that records are read in parallel but I can't understand how parallel writes are done. Is the parallel writes done on the same database or is it done on different databases(segments)? Please do explain. Thanks

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-1: this is explained in Admin guide, chapter 12 "Loading and Unloading Data" –  mys Nov 22 '12 at 12:32

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The parallel writes are done on different segments, with data being fed by 1 or more instances of gpfdist running on the ETL server(s). I suspect a significant part of the magic is the distributed by extension that is used to scatter the rows of a database across the segment servers.

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Concurrent reads/writes can be done at segment level with the help of gpfdist or gphdfs.

For example, if you want to unload data to a file on disk, you can use a writable external table which connects to several gpfdist locations, and each data segment would write data to those destinations is parallel.

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