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How do I upload multiple files with Django?

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After a lot of pain I eventually got uploadify (http://www.uploadify.com/) working with django, but the problem wasn't really django's, but getting it to work with Apple Mac's; browsers on that platform don't serve the cookies from within Flash; you need to set them manually:

So I include these in my render-to-reponse:

return render_to_response('files_upload.html', {
       'session_cookie_name': settings.SESSION_COOKIE_NAME,
       'session_key': request.session.session_key

And present them from uploadify via the configuration laid down in the template:

$(document).ready(function() {
        'scriptData': {'{{session_cookie_name}}': '{{session_key}}'},

I've seen this done better with a decorator over the view, but this was the dirty hack I put in middleware to copy the POST into COOKIE before the session middleware runs to restore the session.

class FakeUploadCookieMiddleware(object):
   """TODO: replace the hardcoded url '/upload' with a 'reverse'."""
   def process_request(self, request):
       if request.path == '/upload/' \
           and request.POST.has_key(settings.SESSION_COOKIE_NAME):
           request.COOKIES[settings.SESSION_COOKIE_NAME] = \
           logging.debug('Faking the session cookie for an upload: %s', \
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well, now this should definitely be placed somewhere on uploadify home page, struggled for some time with, til gave it up and used blogs.bigfish.tv/adam/2009/06/14/swfupload-jquery-plugin (not with django though, but still, definitely cookies must have been a problem) –  gryzzly May 31 '10 at 22:46
Did exactly what you have here and it still does not work - still error 403. Any ideas? –  miki725 Jul 18 '11 at 19:34

Someone has already created a multi-upload field that might serve your purposes.


Django has great support for building forms and working with file uploads. I would read through these articles to better understand how the multi-upload field code works.

  1. Django Docs - Forms
  2. Django Docs - File Uploads
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Thanks. This seems to work, but I get a funky error. No matter what I upload I get: "No file was submitted. Check the encoding type on the form." Looking at the source, I can see that it's a TypeError being raised. –  Anonymous Aug 28 '09 at 20:55
have u got enctype="multipart/form-data"? –  zalew Aug 29 '09 at 0:21
This is only 'multiple' in the sense that he's creating many <input> fields. Would be better to support HTML5's multiple attribute on a <input type="file">. –  Jonatan Littke May 2 '12 at 8:15

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