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Consider the example:

*# spec/factory/sections.rb*

FactoryGirl.define do

    factory :any_section do

    factory :fake_section do

    factory :section do

I found that my rspec tests can only see the :section factory. All the others ends up throwing an error like: uninitialized constant FakeSection.

Why is that?

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The problem is not that FactoryGirl does not see the any_section and fake_section factories, it is that you are not specifying their classes, so it is guessing the names (i.e. any_section becomes AnySection and fake_section becomes FakeSection).

To fix the problem just specify that the class is Section using the class option:

factory :any_section, :class => Section do

factory :fake_section, :class => Section do

See also this article.

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That's it, thank you! – Alvaro Lourenço Nov 21 '12 at 6:03

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