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I want to loop my NavigationService.RemoveBackEntry(); command until I have reached a specific page (called MainPage) in my back stack. How do I check and condition whether or not that page has been reached by removing all elements in the stack before it. Sometimes, for that page to be reached, I need to loop RemoveBackEntry(); twice or thrice until that page is reached... so on.

Step 1: I want it to first check how many places behind that the "MainPage" exists in the backstack...say 'n' places.
step 2: Then I want to run the NavigationService.RemoveBackEntry() n-1 times so that I can end up on MainPage.


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Found the solution!!

How Can I remove backstack till the required pagename in Wp7.1

while (NavigationService.CanGoBack)


if (NavigationService.BackStack.First().Source.OriginalString == "/C.xaml")


This worked for me, its simpler than the method I had wanted to use!!

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