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I have some problems with Facebook Javascript SDK.

I want to write some html and javascript codes to upload photos to FB,

and these codes are implemented on my machine, this machine is a embedded board,

so the IP address is private IP.I cannot run Apache on this board, and I don't want to

leave my App Secret in the source code.So I think using JS SDK would be a possible way.

But a serious problem comes presently, in my APP settings , I can't use IP address as APP domain, nor a private IP.

Is it possbile to use Facebook Javascript SDK on a embedded board with private IP adderss ?

When I run those codes on my linux PC (also with private IP), the debug message shows that my domain is illegal.

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You can do this if you have some hosts-file equivalent where you can point some subdomain of the domain associated with the app to the private IP.

For example, if the domain associated with the app is example.com and the IP of the device is, if you somehow make DNS lookups for example.com resolve to then access the site via example.com, this will work. You can also use any subdomain of the main domain.

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