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I have an HTML form and using Serialization jQuery snippet to convert form data to JSON representation as taught in this: Convert form data to JS object with jQuery

I am only able to display the JSON output in an div tag. But I want to display the output in a new file or window upon form submit button click.

My jQuery Serialization snippet in header:

$.fn.serializeObject = function()
    var o = {};
    var a = this.serializeArray();
    $.each(a, function() {
        if (o[] !== undefined) {
            if (!o[].push) {
                o[] = [o[]];
            o[].push(this.value || '');
        } else {
            o[] = this.value || '';
    return o;
$(function() {
    $('form').submit(function() {
        $('#result').text(JSON.stringify($('form').serializeObject(), null, 4));
        return false;


<form id="student" method="post">
<label>Name: </label><input type="text" name="studentname" /><br />
<label>Age: </label><input type="text" name="age" /><br />
<label>City: </label><input type="text" name="city" />
<input type="submit" value="Submit" id="submitbutton" /><br />

<pre id="result"></pre>
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What have you tried? – ryadavilli Nov 21 '12 at 5:38
I tried using form2js plugin, but no luck - – Santhosh Sundar Nov 21 '12 at 5:47

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Putting the result in a new window is easy - just change the submit section to somthing like this:

$(function() {
    $('form').submit(function() {
        var txt = JSON.stringify($('form').serializeObject());
        $('#result').text(txt, null, 4);
        var recipe ='','ResultWindow','width=600,height=600');
        var html = '<html><head><title>Result Window</title></head><body><div>' + txt + '</div></body></html>';;
        return false;

check out

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Perfect. Thank you! – Santhosh Sundar Nov 21 '12 at 5:58

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