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This might be a very simple and easy question to answer, perhaps not.

To concatenate a string (by appending/right concat.) in php you use:

$a = "a";

$a .= "b";
//The value will be: "ab"

How do I do this, but the other way around?


$a = "a";

$a ???? "b";
//I NEED the value to be: "ba"
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What's wrong with $a="b".$a? –  Osiris Nov 21 '12 at 5:58

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The closest thing to a built-in function would be using strpad like

$a = str_pad($a, strlen($a)+strlen("b"), "b", STR_PAD_LEFT);

but as others have pointed out its much simpler to just do $a = "b" . $a;

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Use the standard concatenation operator; no special assignment operator exists.

$a = "b" . $a;
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$a = "b" . $a

No shorthand for it that I know of.

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