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Suppose I have:

class Base

        void operator()()

        virtual void run () {}

class Derived : public Base

        virtual void run ()
            // Will this be called when the boost::thread runs?

int main()
    Base * b = new Derived();
    boost::thread t(*b); // <-- which "run()" function will be called - Base or Derived?
    delete b;

From my tests, I cannot get Derived::run() to be called. Am I doing something wrong, or is this impossible?

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By passing *b you actually "slice" Derived object, i.e. pass Base instance by value. You should pass Derived functor by pointer (or smart-pointer), like this:

thread t(&Derived::operator(), b); // boost::bind is used here implicitly

Of course, pay attention to the b lifetime.

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Or pass boost::ref(*b). – GManNickG Nov 21 '12 at 7:13
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@GManNickG's comment is the cleanest answer, and works perfectly. Boost.Ref is the way to go.

thread t(boost::ref(*b));
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