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I'm trying to replace a token selected in CodeMirror v3 via

var obj = editor.getTokenAt(currLine);
var currLine = editor.getCursor(true);  

but it seems like the only options are to do


which takes the new string and the start position into consideration, but weird things happen when the new string is shorter or longer than the original.

What's a better way to do it?


doesn't seem to work for me.


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As an addendum, editor.replaceRange(newString, {line:currLine.line, ch:obj.start},{line:currLine.line, ch:obj.end}); works if newString is smaller or equal in size to the original string. Otherwise odd things happen. – Rio Nov 21 '12 at 10:42
var pos = editor.getCursor() // or {line , ch };
var tok = editor.getTokenAt(pos);
editor.replaceRange("string", {line: pos.line , ch:tok.start},{line:pos.line , ch:tok.end});
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